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Peter J. KeatesBusinessModelStories.com is owned by Placesquare SAS. Founded in 2013, Placesquare is headquartered in Chevreuse, near Versailles and Paris, France.
Peter Keates
President Placesquare SAS & CEO BusinessModelStories.com  : Linkedin

Current activities :

  • President at Placesquare, a company providing information & resources on several niche markets,
  • Author and speaker on the topic of Business Model Innovation,
  • Facilitator in Strategy with Executive Committee Team and Management Committee Team,
  • Doing research on the Customer Value Proposition & Value Pricing applied to Business Model Innovation.

Specialties: General Management & Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Marketing, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Design thinking, Customer Development process, Customer Value Proposition (CVP), Value Pricing.

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

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